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Carmacy Driver Side Display Case with Inventory

Carmacy Driver Side Display Case with Inventory

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This display case has 8 compartments and is to be mounted on the driver's side door. The case comes with double sided velcro tape to secure it in place and the upper flap is to be folded and inserted into the driver side window. Selling out all items in the box will yield sales of $400.


Display Case

  • 1x Large Display Case
  • 8x Small Interior Item Boxes
  • 1x Headrest Mounted Sign
  • 2x Double Sided Velcro Tape


  • 4x 5-hour energy
  • 5x pack of gum
  • 15x Ibuprofen
  • 15x Antihistamine
  • 5x Liquid Hangover
  • 20x Stain Remover Wipe
  • 22x Tampon
  • 30x Condom

Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 4" (H x W x D)


Easy Installation

The case is mounted on the driver side door via included double sided velcro tape. The upper flap is then folded and inserted into the driver side window.

Wholesale Discount

Carmacy buys products in bulk and passes the discounts on to you. If you tried purchasing all of these items individually it would amount to >$150

Shipping & Returns

Ships via UPS Ground from Los Angeles, CA

What happens when you sell out?

Once you own the box, you can refill it by either purchasing more inventory from Carmacy at a discount or filling it yourself with storebought products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kyle Winter
Made from paper, tears and falls apart.

I do not recommend. I had to send mine back because it fell apart on my first trip.

No one seemed interested in the items.

Joanna B.
Great Product!

Seriously cool~ I love the little drawers!

You’re amazing! Thanks for the review Joanna!

Kylie S.
This actually works

I was skeptical at first but I suppose there wasn’t any reason to be. It’s just selling stuff people need when they need it.

Thank you!

Jon G.

Definitely start using Carmacy to make more dough. You’re leaving money on the table.

Thank you!

Elvira G.
All I can say is

Why didn’t I think of this? Duh we should be selling stuff to passengers

Thanks Elvira!