Our Story

Like many of you, I started driving for Uber when the money was good. There were so many rides, fair pay, and lots of tips. But over the years I found myself earning less and less, while mileage on my 2009 Toyota Camry continued adding up. It happened so gradually that I didn't realize how little I was earning until I couldn't afford to buy new tires after running over a nail. I had logged over 300,000 miles on my vehicle (god bless Toyota) and I was still scraping by. I knew then and there that something had to change.

I wracked my brain for ways to make more money. I thought about selling jewelry like that one uber driver from the news. Or putting advertising on my roof. I even thought about adding a karaoke machine inside my car (inspired by Nathan For You). But ultimately I didn't want a gimmick. I wanted something as consistent as the service I was providing with my vehicle.

My eureka moment hit me when one of my passengers asked me if I had any ibuprofen as he was hungover. I laughed thinking it was a joke but he asked again. I suggested we stop by at a 7-11 but he said he was already running late. I dropped him off at his destination but that conversation stuck with me. What else do people need in a pinch? And that's how I came up with Carmacy. I knew that if I could provide a professional display for my riders to purchase from, I could make more money with the same amount of driving.

And Carmacy was born. All because of one person's hangover.


We're an entrepreneurial group of friends who love solving problems and also hate large corporations that take advantage of the labor pool through unfair business practices and financial leverage. We are Paul Jun (Founder), Kasia Jun Kaczmarczyk (Chief Design Officer), and Jasper Grey (Chief Fun Officer). We're so excited to be making fun (but also useful) stuff!

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