The Top 5 Places For Surge Pricing

The Top 5 Places For Surge Pricing

The Top 5 Places For Surge Pricing

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Surge pricing with Uber and Lyft ridesharing can happen anywhere at any time and for numerous reasons. Pinpointing a specific place would result in a deluge of drivers rushing to that location. However, there are tell-tale signs for where the top 5 places for surge pricing can be.

Riders are trying to find a different method for getting where they need to go because transportation has become too expensive.

The surge pricing results from the driver supply being unable to meet the requests for rides. That can happen with a popular pro sporting spectacular, at the moment a bar shuts down on a Friday night, at any train station or airport in the country, with inclement weather, especially on a rainy day in a big city like perhaps New York when taxis are scarce.

The ridesharing companies have revolutionized how we look at driving services with features like knowing exactly where and when a passenger will need assistance, fare tracking, automatic pay, tracking the driving progress, and determining the ETA.

While phenomenal, the primary challenge was always ensuring enough drivers to satisfy the calls. So let's look more closely at the solution.

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Why Surge Pricing?

Surge Pricing is a methodology that uses algorithms to resolve the imbalance between supply and demand. Instead of forcing drivers to meet specific quotas, enforce a night schedule, or establish a set schedule at all, the companies chose monetization as their approach.

The innovative technique results in the following:

  • Incentives for a greater supply of drivers to come on board - supply

  • The consumer avoids paying the higher price for transportation - decreasing demand

  • The supply is drawn to the demand based on the incentive

The ideal outcome is when the number of drivers equates to the number of passengers you can readily match. The crisis occurs when there's an influx of passengers, but the number of drivers is shaky.

With the algorithms used in surge pricing increasing the costs, drivers want to get behind the wheel. So Uber and Lyft normalize the price points when the cars are in use.

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The Top 5 Places To Get Surge Pricing

As mentioned, surge pricing can happen anywhere in the country at any time and for any reason. In addition, Uber utilizes a mapping system for each city, placing them in what's described as "granular hyperlocal zones."

These blocks will increase as the demand surges, and the color will change in a range from a “light orange going to a deep red.” A lower surge will occur with the light orange color, while a high area of the surge occurs if the map takes on a deep red hue.

You might anticipate these as the Top 5 Places To Get Surge Pricing:

  • Nightclub/bar: When patrons leave on a Friday or Saturday at the close, these are considered peak times for a driver since everyone is looking for a safe ride home.

  • Airport/train station: Passengers coming from busy flights or long train rides need to transition to either their destination or a car rental facility from the airport or train station when on holiday or coming back home from one.

  • Sports or concerts: These events get bombarded with crowds that no one wants to try to navigate in a vehicle, especially when everyone attempts to leave at the same time. Many people like to have a car waiting for them outside the stadium.

  • Inclement weather: In big cities, many people don't have cars; they usually walk everywhere. On rainy days or when there's inclement weather, there's usually a surge in pricing for drivers since no one wants to walk and risk harm. Some of these drivers also provide basic necessities in their cars for city dwellers to avoid the need to get in and out of the weather for errands after work. These are premium supplies from Carmacy, another resource for drivers to earn as they drive.

  • Tourists/holidays: Instead of renting a car or taking a cab when traveling, Uber or Lyft is often much more convenient. During the major holidays, you can anticipate surge pricing among tourists in popular destinations.

Final Thoughts

There are many other reasons these results can occur, places they can happen, and times of the day. The demand for Uber and Lyft drivers is continuing to increase.

The suggestion for riders who don't want to pay the higher prices is to wait out the surges since they tend to last only a brief period. But if you're one of the people in a dire situation like we have made reference to, you might want to pay a little bit extra for convenience.

Surge pricing is an advantage in a couple of ways, both to the driver and the passenger. Passengers know they can depend on a ride, especially in an emergency. The drivers know they have job security. Win-win.

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